Property Management - We provide overall management business to run and maintain buildings (MC Head Office, Welfare Facilities etc.) in best condition.

Facility and energy management / Repair and renovation
  • We manage subcontractors related to building and facility maintenance (including reviewing business specifications, assessing costs and selecting subcontractors) and collectively carry out medium- to long-term repair plans and renovation work on behalf of building owners, etc.
  • We propose planning, select and introduce contractor and supervise construction to optimize the security of your office.
Cleaning maintenance
  • We propose cleaning specifications, make cost assessment and adjustment, select and introduce cleaning company, as well as supervise cleaning quality.
Waste disposal management
  • We propose and support waste reduction, recycling promotion, management of electronic manifest system etc.
  • We handle everything from proposing disposal solutions of important documents/classified documents to selecting, introducing and supervising waste disposal company.
Tenant Management
  • Provides notice and negotiation for rent, utility bills and contract renewal.
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