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November 1951 In accordance with change in corporate name from Kowa Jitsugyo Co.,Ltd. (former Mitsubishi Shoji Dai-ni Gaisha) to Mitsubishi Shoji, the new Kowa Jitsugyo Co.,Ltd. was founded in order to maintain corporate name.
Set up office in 4 Kanda Kajicho 3-chome, Chiyoda-ku.
February 1955 Breaks away from being a company to maintain corporate name.
Start cigarette retail, hairdressing business etc.
November 1968 Establish Osaka Branch as an internal setup of Mitsubishi Shoji Osaka Branch's Corporate Administration Department.
August 1970 Establish Ryowa Service Co.,Ltd. to manage on-site operations of Mitsubishi Shoji's Corporate Administration Department and Human Resources Department.
Set up office inside Mitsubishi Shoji Building, 3-1 Marunouchi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku.
December 1974 Establish Shoji Building Management Co.,Ltd. to exercise management of Yokohama Mitsubishi Shoji Building.
Set up office inside Yokohama Mitsubishi Shoji Building, 43 Honcho 4-chome, Naka-ku, Yokohama.
September 1975 Absorption-type merger between Kowa Jitsugyo Co.,Ltd. and Ryowa Service Co.,Ltd. Kowa Jitsugyo Co.,Ltd. becomes the surviving company changing its corporate name to Ryowa Service Co.,Ltd.
The new Ryowa Service Co.,Ltd. launches business to undertake and carry out various business affairs of Mitsubishi Corporation Corporate Administration Department and Human Resources Department.
Set up office inside the main building of Mitsubishi Shoji Building, 6-3 Marunouchi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku.
February 1977 Establish Nagoya Branch inside Mitsubishi Corporation Nagoya Branch.
October 1985 Takeover of Shoji Building Management Co.,Ltd.
May 1997 Transfer greater part of welfare business to Human Link Corporation.
January 1999 Change corporate name to MC Facilities Co., Ltd.
Consolidates building and office management business. Reorganizes business content by categorizing organizational structure into Facility Management Division, Business Support Division and OWN Business Division in order to enhance and strengthen the facility management functions of the company.
March 2001 Discontinue Yokohama Management Office.
April 2003 Establish Shinagawa Branch to manage Shinagawa Mitsubishi Building.
May 2006 Start management of Mitsubishi Shoji Building in accordance with its completion.
September 2008 Discontinue Nagoya Branch.
December 2008 Start facility magament operations of Mitsubishi Corporation welfare facilities outsourced by Human Resource Department of Mitsubishi Corporation.
May 2009 Start management of Marunouchi Park Building (Mitsubishi Corporation).
January 2013 Start services for setting up overseas offices outsourced from Mitsubishi Corporation Corporate Administration Department.
April 2014 Discontinue Shinagawa Branch
April 2015 Join the office relocation project of Mitsubishi Corporation Nagoya Branch.
September 2020 Discontinue Osaka Branch
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