FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Facility Management

Q1. What kind of services do you offer when considering changes in office layout and office relocation in accordance with launching a new business and business expansion?
A1. When renewing an office layout, it is essential to carefully consider three aspects: safety, comfort and energy conservation.
MCFa will serve as your office consultant and take part in planning your new office project. We will draw up office concept based on your manpower planning and business model. We give you total support from providing property information, proposing layouts to controlling process of interior renovation, relocation and restoration.
Q2. We want to reconsider our office space from the standpoint of reducing office running costs.
A2. We will examine and analyze the problems of your present office and propose functional and efficient office layout. We minimize your office space, select place of relocation and negotiate the rent of relocation property in order to reduce costs. We also conduct project management of office relocation and construction to reduce constructions costs.
Q3. We want to consult you about office security enhancement and its cost.
A3. We offer total support in enhancing the security of your office. We propose security plan to suit your office, select and provide contractors, make cost assessment and take care of process control until installation is complete.
Q4. We want to verify the cleaning fees of our office.
A4. We will assess the present costs and verify a fair and reasonable cost for your office. Moreover, we will negotiate with cleaning companies upon your request.
Q5. We want to reconsider the disposal method in our office since shredding doesn't keep up with the massive quantity of important documents we have to discard.
A5. We propose disposal solutions of important documents and classified documents including its cost.
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Business Support

Q1. Our Head Office and branches procure office supplies individually from different suppliers. We want to unify our procurement to achieve advantage in cost.
A1. Since our Web procurement service for MC Group Companies "Benri Net" is nationwide (excluding certain items), it makes across-the-board procurement throughout the country possible. Moreover, the service provides cost advantage riding on the strength of MC's buying power.
Q2. Due to the increase of business trips in our office, we want to know how we can arrange plane tickets etc. efficiently.
A2. We suggest you use our Web ticket procurement service for domestic business trips, "BUSINESS TRIP NAVIGATOR." Corporate contract will enable you to unify ticket procurement, improve administrative efficiency while reducing costs as well as obtain convenience such as ticketless service.
Q3. We want to install multi functional printers yet keep the cost as low as possible.
A3. We support procurement of multi functional printers for MC group companies. We provide cost advantages riding on the strength of Mitsubishi Corporation's buying power as well as simplify contract procedures and paperwork.
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Disaster Prevention

Q1. In our company, there is no guideline concerning emergency reserve supplies, list of supplies necessary for emergency bags, storage quantity and storage place. What should we do?
A1. Lately, it has been actively proposed to remain in your office in case of a disaster to prevent employees from having difficulties in returning home. At MCFa, we provide consultation using case examples of Mitsubishi Corporation and affiliates as reference. We give advice on selecting items of certain standard, procurement, securing storage space, distribution methods and expiration date control.
Q2. We want to prepare emergency reserve supplies in case employees have to remain in the office when it is difficult to return home during a disaster. What should we do when we don't have any storage space?
A2. Even if you don't have any storage room in your office, it is possible to store emergency reserve supplies by utilizing file cabinets and space below your desk. We will propose optimum storage place after we examine your office.
Q3. We find various notifications, inspections and disaster prevention drills required under the Fire Service Act complicated and difficult to comprehend. What should we do?
A3. At MCFa, we give you advice on how to draw up documents related to the Fire Service Act as well as advice on safety measures (fall-prevention measures etc.) and methods of implementing in-house education and training based on case examples of Mitsubishi Corporation and affiliates.
Q4. We want to draw up a BCP (Business Continuity Plan) based on the supposition of disaster situations.
A4. We will explain the key points of developing a BCP (damage assumption, designation of priority operations etc.) and introduce an external consultant if necessary.
Q5. What kind of drills should be carried out besides disaster prevention drills?
A5. It is important to carry out earthquake simulation drills, safety confirmation drills and drills for employees to return home that are designed to link to Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters. We offer overall support in planning, preparing and implementing these drills.
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