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Facility Management

  • Management of office administration
  • Design office layout
  • Office Relocation
  • Utilization of reception and conference rooms etc.

Business Support

  • Procurement of office supplies
  • Procurement and maintenance of multi functional printers
  • Concierge service, inter-corporate mail delivery
  • Enclosing, sealing and packing service
  • Arrange tickets for domestic business trips
  • Management of in-house cafe service and automatic vending machines
  • Printing and scanning service
  • Information on specified agents for MC Group Company's employees
  • Management of executive cars
  • Arrange calendars and pocketbooks etc.

Property Management

  • Facility and energy management
  • Repair and renovation
  • Security
  • Cleaning/ Waste disposal
  • Management and operation of cafeteria , company domitory and company housing for employees
  • Management of fixed assets etc.

Disaster Prevention/ Environment and Energy Saving Measures

  • Support disaster prevention measures
  • Office security measures
  • Support disaster prevention drills
  • Support to meet laws and regulations
  • Support designing Firefighting plan
  • Select and procure emergency supplies and stock of food and supplies
  • Promote measures for energy conservation and reduction of CO2 emission

Support in Setting Up Foreign and Domestic Offices

  • Coordinate space requirements
  • Design basic layout
  • Select property and contractors and support construction related matters
  • Management through figures
  • Management of budgets and accounts as well as transfer of expense charges regarding costs of MC offices and welfare facilities
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