Disaster Prevention / Environment and Energy Saving Measures

Support disaster prevention measures
  • In order to prepare for unexpected disaster, we propose solutions based on the needs of each company concerning various protection measures for employees (including their family) and their office.
(1) Office safety measures
  • We inspect and suggest fall-prevention measures of office furniture and supplies as well as arrange contractors.
(2) Disaster prevention drills and employee lecture
  • We propose disaster prevention drills and in-house disaster prevention enlightenment class (disaster prevention e-learning,practical training of AED etc.) We also support preparation of initial response manual and manual for disaster control headquarters.
(3) Support to meet laws and regulations
  • We support preparation of various applications and notifications to be submitted to government and municipal offices. We will also support you in meeting revisions etc. of various laws and regulations.
(4) Support designing Firefighting plan
  • We offer support in countermeasures for emergency situations that should be prepared during peacetime such as instituting fire prevention plan which specified large scale offices are obliged to submit.
(5) Select and procure emergency supplies and stock of food and supplies
  • We make overall proposal on selection of emergency supplies and stock of food and supplies, quantity and storage, control of procurement, distribution and expiration date and change / restocking of merchandise.
Promote measures for energy conservation and reduction of CO2 emission
  • We promote implementation of energy-conservation system and power-saving plan as measures related to prevention of global warming and reduction of CO2 emission.
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